Park Ave Kitchens & Baths specializes in complete full kitchen, bath, design and interior renovations.

We work directly with Home Owners, Remodeling Contractors, Custom Home Builders and Interior Designers.

“From Design to Completion”
Park Ave will offer the best design team in the industry.
We help to build our clients the best kitchen or bath that their dreams and experiences can imagine.

Take the time to learn more about our services and the experience we can offer your project.

We'll take into account your budget, style, and family and entertaining needs every step of the way, do
you have pictures of what you want? Bring them in to our team and we will show you how to make it a
dream come true.

During the design phase of your project we will utilize state-of-the-art computer software that enables you
to see your plans with three dimensional renderings.

We believe that your new kitchen or bath should not be a reflection of the contractor but a reflection of
you the owner.

It is important for us to know how you use your kitchen, whether you are a passionate cook or if you
entertain often, we can help create a fresh design and look that you the “client” will love.

Updating your home can be completely modernized and rejuvenating to your family and your life.

Let the seasoned experts at Park Ave guide you through this exciting process.

Our team can really make a big difference in your home, not only in terms of visual appeal and
functionality but also in market value and long term durability.

Please enjoy our website and see the quality that we offer. Wood, Glass, Metals to Stone and so much

Effective Planning


Planning is everything when it comes to kitchen or bathroom redesign. Talk to us about your every want and needs so we can help you plan a great look and functionality for your kitchen or bathroom. Redesign involves more thinking than just deciding on the colors and cabinet styles. Consider tearing down a part of the wall to open up the space if your kitchen is closed off from the rest of the home. Modern appliances and recessed under cabinet lighting that brightens up the space can transform the kitchen from just a place to cook to a stylish space straight from the pages of a glossy magazine.
Obviously these are not the only things that remodeling involves, but they are the most popular items in a homeowner's wish-list when considering kitchen or bathroom remodeling. We will be able to help you get quite a lot done within a reasonable budget

Get Prepared


Kitchen redesign is an excellent investment because it makes your haven for fixing meals and bathroom redesigns make live more relaxing. In addition, your property value also increases with this move. You can prepare, plan and budget for your new kitchen with our help. Often many people make the error of planning their project before even setting a budget. Before you place orders for the new countertops and fancy appliances decide on a budget. This will help you not to overspend and also help us to suggest layouts and design ideas that are suited to your price. Do not be hesitant to spend on good quality items. Don't skimp on essentials as this could affect negatively in the long run. Consider this as a long term investment and there is no need to worry about over spending because a good kitchen can recoup the investment many times over if and when you put the house up for sale. Custom made countertops or cabinets take time to build, so start early. A redesigned kitchen and bathroom will unleash a new and refreshing look to your entire home. Whether you opt for a cabinet reface or a full-fledged remodel, we are there to help you get a brand new look for your kitchen or bathroom

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