Enjoy Your Kitchen More - and Increase the Value of Your Home.

If you’re like most, you spend a great deal of time in and around your kitchen. The Kitchen is the hub and heart of your entire home: where you eat, entertain, pay bills, finish homework, catch up, connect. It’s no wonder a recent Gallup poll found the kitchen to be a key factor in creating a happy home life. But few people actually enjoy their kitchen enough to really spend time in it – the kind of time that would promote family unity and overall life satisfaction. Why not make it a space that you Love? Remodeling your kitchen – even if it’s simply updating flooring and countertops – can give it a whole new look. Or make an investment that will pay off for years to come and do a complete kitchen makeover, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, lighting and countertops! Park Ave Kitchens & Baths does it all

The Best Works

Whether your kitchen space is large or small, Park Ave Kitchens & Bath has the experience to turn whatever space you have into your dream kitchen. When it's your home, your gathering place, your family, we want nothing more than to create the kitchen that reflects your style. At Park Ave Kitchens & Bath, we want each kitchen or bath we create to be uniquely yours. We'll build your project using only the finest quality materials at reasonable prices. Our handcrafted countertops are made from all the most popular countertop materials. Our design specialists will help you choose the best product for your needs- whether it is a simple countertop replacement or a full Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation, whatever it takes to make an old room new again.

We pride ourselves in combining old world craftsmanship and classic styles with the latest trends and ideas. We'll listen to your desires and transform them into something you'll love. Each kitchen or bath will always have the most important element incorporated into the! We feel strongly that this is our main purpose because, above all, it's your home. The kitchen has traditionally been a gathering place for generations of family and friends. Conversations and fun times shared while the evening’s meal is being prepared is a way of life for many.  Because of this, it is important that your kitchen is designed to accommodate your family and friends as well as possessing all of the traits of a kitchen that will allow you to prepare whatever feast your mind can conjure Kitchen renovations not only add to the enjoyment of your home, they are also cherished upgrades that can add significant resell value as well Kitchen redesign is an excellent investment because it makes your haven for fixing meals a better place to spend time in. In addition, your property value also increases with this move. You can prepare, plan and budget for your new kitchen with our help.
Often many people make the error of planning their project before even setting a budget. Before you place orders for the new countertops and fancy appliances decide on a budget. This will help you not to overspend and also help us to suggest layouts and design ideas that are suited to your price. Do not be hesitant to spend on good quality items. Don’t skimp on essentials as this could affect negatively in the long run. Consider this as a long term investment and there is no need to worry about over spending because a good kitchen can recoup the investment many times over if and when you put the house up for sale. Custom made countertops or cabinets take time to build, so start early.
A redesigned kitchen will unleash a new and refreshing look to your entire home. Whether you opt for a cabinet reface or a full-fledged remodel, we are there to help you get a brand new look for your kitchen.